A project entitled as "Spatial Distribution of groundwater quality in the Kashmir Valley with special emphasis on the heavy metal mapping" has been sanctioned to me as PI by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, Govt. of India on 6th Feb 2018. The proposed amount of the project  is 77 lakhs. 

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  • Administrative position Held Dean. School of Engineering; Head, Department of Applied Sciences, Institute of Technology, Zakura Campus; and InCharge, Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory (formerly USIC)
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Research Papers Published

  • "Phytoremediation Potential of Phragmites australis in Hokersar Wetland - A Ramsar Site of Kashmir Himalaya" International Journal of Phytoremediation, 16(12): 1183 -1191 Impact Factor= 1.466
  • "Removal of Cadmium from Aqueous Solutions by Poplar Sawdust: Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Studies." Research and Reviews: Journal of Chemistry, 3(4): 9 -17
  • "Heavy metal accumulation in the leaves of Potamogeton natans and Ceratophyllum demersum in a Himalayan RAMSAR site: management implications" Wetlands Ecology and Management, 23(6): DOI No. 10.1007/s11273-015-9472-9 {ISSN: 0923-4861}
  • "Removal of Cu(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) ions from aqueous solutions by adsorption on walnut shell-Equilibrium and thermodynamic studies: treatment of effluents from electroplating industry" Desalination and water treatment, 57(56): DOI No. 10.1080/19443994.2016.1166350 {ISSN: 1944-3986}
  • "Adsorption capability of sawdust of Populus alba for Pb(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) ions from aqueous solution" Desalination and water treatment, 57(59): DOI No. 10.1080/19443994.2016.1166350 {ISSN: 1944-3986}
  • "A Study of Catalyst Preparation Methods for Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes" Chemical Science Transactions, 5(1): DOI No. 10.7598/cst2016.1109 {ISSN: 2278-3318}
  • "Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes for device applications" Asian Journal of Chemistry, 29(4): 879 -881 {ISSN: 0975-427X}

Research Projects Details:

Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyDatedAmount (in Rs.)
Development of environment friendly, cost-effective, sustainable and locally available adsorbents of plant origin for the treatment of industrial wastewaters in Kashmir ValleyUGC31-01-2014921,000.00

Research Scholars:

Asifa WaliPh.D Awarded Whole Time